31 Lessons I Learned in 31 Years

January 12, 2019

Sunrise at Refugio State Beach

I turned 31 this past week and to commemorate this milestone I thought I would share 31 lessons I learned in 31 years.

  1. Be curious and ask questions
  2. Don’t judge, LOVE
  3. Fight for what you believe in regardless of the consequences. They’re usually worth it.
  4. Work Hard. Hard work will go further than any head knowledge.
  5. Sometimes what you see as your biggest weakness is really your biggest strength
  6. Dance, even while everyone is looking.
  7. Friendships are worth fighting for.
  8. Family comes in all shapes and sizes and doesn’t need to be related by blood.
  9. Be ok with being in to whatever you are in to. Regardless of what other people think.
  10. Comparison really is the thief of joy
  11. When loved ones are struggling sit with them in the muck of life and just be there for a second and mourn with them. Don’t try to things right or come up with solutions.
  12. Humor is the key to my heart, Oh and sourdough bread
  13. Chase after whatever makes your soul catch on fire.
  14. You are stronger, braver and courageous than you know.
  15. But sometimes we still need to Do it afraid.
  16. Be mindful of who you are looking to for advice and education
  17. It’s OK to not know an answer to something, sometimes the search to finding that answer can be the best education around.
  18. Eat my vegetables. But don’t shame myself when I don’t.
  19. God is a gracious and loving father.
  20. Make it a habit to take account for all the things you are thankful for.
  21. The most important person in any moment is the person sitting right in front of you. Pay attention to them.
  22. Exploring nature breeds creativity
  23. Invest in quality purchases
  24. Hug others often. It’s good for
  25. Always be on time
  26. But if you can’t do that, there are three things in life you should never be late for; work, church and golf.
  27. Exercising is a lot more fun with friends. But even then it still sometimes sucks.
  28. No matter how many times my mama, or anyone else warns me that there are bad people out there I will still choose to believe in the best in people.
  29. You don’t have to say a lot, but when you do say something make it count. Your voice matters.
  30. Be nice and expect nothing in return.
  31. Forgiveness is hard and we need help to do so. We can’t will ourselves to forgive. Pray regularly that the Lord helps you forgive and weirdly enough it will actually work. The key here is that it must be regularly or anytime you are struggling forgiving that person who wronged you.


If any of these resonated with you I would love to know! Please comment below!

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