My TEN promises to you as your wedding photographer

July 29, 2019


  1. Care.

    I promise to really, truly, deeply, care about not only your wedding but about you and your fiance as I do with any other of my friends. I truly care about your success in marriage and in life.  AND I care about photography, I care that you receive beautiful and timeless imagery that captures this milestone for decades to come. 

  2. Availability.

    I promise to be available to you.  I recognize that weddings are stressful and I promise to provide a listening ear and can provide advice when asked for throughout the wedding planning process regardless of the subject matter. 

  3. Connection.

    It is super important that I connect with my couples.  I want to get to know you, your likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams and all of the things that make you who you are as a couple and as individuals. It is not unlikely that by the end of this process I will consider you both good friends of mine!

  4. Show up early. 

    This should go without saying but I promise to show up on time if not early.  There are so many things to be nervous about on a wedding day and there are so many reasons a timeline could go askew.  A lack of promptness of my part will not be one of them.

  5. Capture the in between moments. 

    I think that the sweetest moments of a wedding day are what I call the “in between moments.” The moments that you and your spouse give each other that special look from across the room that only you two can truly understand.  The moments when your 90 year old grandmother is tearing up the dance floor. And the moments where your father sheds a tear when he sees how beautiful you look. 

  6. Be a team player with your vendors

    Behind a great wedding is a great team.  I promise to be a part of that team and do everything in my ability to help your day go off without a hitch.  Regardless of it is photography related. 

  7. Act as your advocate. 

    On your wedding day there are so many things vying for the attention of the bride.  I promise to be your advocate and speak up in the moment if I notice that you have any sort of need on your wedding day.  While I am here to capture the beautiful moments that make up your wedding day, I also think that I am here to help each wedding go off without a hitch. 

  8. Sneak Peaks

    While planning a wedding takes an enormous amount of time and thoughtfulness, it truly goes by in a flash.  And on the day after your wedding you may find yourself wondering, “ what just happened,” or “how did it all really look,” for this reason I promise to deliver 5-7 sneak peaks at most 24 hrs after your wedding. This is my reassurance to you that, “Yes, this happened,” and “Yes, it was beautiful.”

  9. Gallery delivery 4-6 weeks after your wedding date

    One of the final deciding factors when I started my business was when I heard countless horror stories for people waiting 5, 6, 12 months to receive their wedding images.  One of the people I spoke with said that it wasn’t until after their first child that they saw their wedding day photos. To me, this is unacceptable. And so my promise to you is to deliver the full wedding gallery 4-6 weeks after your wedding date. 

  10. Lasting Friendship

    As I stated in promise #1 and #3, I desire to create a lasting friendship with you.  You are inviting me into one of the most intimate moments of your life which I do not take lightly.  And so I would love to become your friend as we embark upon this journey together. 


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