Julie + Steve : Couple photoshoot at Sarloos and Sons Winery

January 25, 2019

One of the things I love the most about the Santa Ynez Valley is the diversity of the people that come to this gorgeous town of ours.  There are many reasons people visit here including family reunions, proposals, vacations, or just to simply return to the place where they grew up.  This could also include venturing to our gorgeous valley to take photos amongst our beautiful landscapes. Whatever the case maybe, it brings me such joy to hear my clients’ stories as I  step into their lives for just a moment to capture their life just as it is.


Steve and Julie were no different.  Steve reached out to me inquiring about setting up a photoshoot as a Christmas gift to his wife.  She had been saying she wanted more photos of just the two of them.  And let me just tell you, I love the idea of giving photography as a gift.  It becomes not only a gift for that loved one but a gift in which so many people can enjoy for years to come.  Seeing the joy that it brings to others is the greatest gift.  I look forward to many other holiday shoots just like this one with Julie and Steve. Especially at such gorgeous locations like this one.  Thank you Sarloos and Sons for allowing us to explore and take photos of this amazing couple at your vineyard!

With Appreciation,


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