Grace Maralyn Estate Wedding – Ashley & Jamison

November 9, 2019

Ashley and Jamison were married at the beautiful Grace Maralyn Estate in Santa Margarita, CA. 

I met Ashley and her father while working for the Santa Barbara Police Department.  Since her father, John and I worked in the same division we had many conversations about family and everything in between.  I can remember the numerous conversations I had with her dad of how he longed for his baby girl to meet someone who is worthy of her love.  Then when Ash and Jamison started dating he told me about how much he liked this one and thought he was different from all the others. And SO of course when Ashley asked me to photograph her wedding to Jamison I was thrilled! 

Some of my favorite moments of the day included: 

  1. Meant to BE: Numerous stories from family and many of their friends of how Jamison and Ashley were perfect for eachother and fate truly brought each other together. 
  2. Fatherly Love: John, Ashley’s father, is seriously one of the kindest guys you will ever meet.  On top of that, his love for his daughter and his family is otherworldly. This was seen as he insisted he didn’t see Ashley until just before they walked down the aisle.  When he planned a “first dance” for his own beautiful bride, Ashley’s mother because they missed theirs since he was deployed the day after their own wedding. 
  3. Family Matters: And friends too.  It was clearly evident how much these two mean to all those who came to witness their beautiful union, from their large bridal party to their family flying in from Iowa. 
  4. Baby You’re Golden: With the time change the week before after the ceremony we were able to take incredible golden hour photos I’ve taken all season! And truly these two really are golden 🙂

My best wishes to the lovely couple! Ashley and Jamison, thank you for trusting me to capture your special day! I wish you a world of happiness!

Venue: The Grace Maralyn

Photography: Lindsey Drewes

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